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Thursday,July 28th,二千零五

今天我们面临着一个相当大的两难境地,我们开了4个小时的会议,讨论如何解决这个问题。客户有一个巨大的站点地图,and they are bound by law to offer all of the services listed in it on their site as links.

Now,最多两层,左侧的导航可以承受,but when it comes to three levels with up to 30 links each,even the highest resolution will have the current link below the proverbial fold.

我们通过使用我称之为“上下文导航顺序(CNO)”的东西来解决很多问题,meaning the current section will always be the first in the navigation,which is good for visual users and screen readers,as neither need to go past the other links to reach where they want to go.An example ofCNOon the easynav demo page以及关于北约克郡议会网站.North Yorks solved the third level by moving it to the right of the screen,but in this case that space is reserved for marketing.

As cutting down on links is not an option – although it would be more usable – we needed a solution that shows the third level.因为客户不确定他们的开发团队是否可以将部分导航放到屏幕上的其他地方——这是细胞质雄性不育(tridion)是将所有文件夹循环一次并生成一个导航–我们想知道是否存在CSS/JS solution which still remains accessible.



Personally,I don't see much sense in displaying that many links at once,and as a visitor I'd use the A to Z or the search instead.

Talking business: How I 必威体育下载Learned to Love CSV

星期一,July 25th,二千零五

Devarticles just published my first article in a two article saga:Talking business: How I 必威体育下载Learned to LoveCSV.为什么他们在XMLsection is a bit beyond me,but there you go.
The article deals with the dilemma of receiving and giving data from and to non-techie business people and explains why I foundCSVfiles to be a nice format to use for that task.

Creating Accessible Popups

星期日,July 24th,二千零五




  • 我们不能假定用户代理允许弹出窗口
  • When we only useHTMLand the target attribute,we can open a window,but cannot "style" it or close it with a button
  • When we have JavaScript enabled and we have a window.opener,我们可以假定窗口已打开,并且可以添加window.close()链接。

Therefore I considered using link relationships in conjunction with a script to make the whole process failsafe:




将附加一个close.window(),文本更改为“close window”。

Any comments why that is a bad idea and what would be a better one?

Google Moon

Wednesday,July 20th,二千零五

为了庆祝第一次登月,谷歌发布Google Moon,yet another implementation of their map system.

Zoom in all the way and you will see华莱士和格罗米特去那里是对的


Wednesday,July 20th,二千零五

Ok,guilty as charged – I like Harry Potter (athough I still think Phillip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" is a lot better when it comes to books parents and kids can read together – albeit more controversial).
I bought 4 copies of the new book for moi,朋友和家人,我到目前为止都在第100页,and like what I see emerging.然而,one thing that annoys me is that the book is bloody chunky and I can't be bothered to carry it with me to work in the morning.

With the aftermath of the 7th of july bombings,在伦敦旅行仍然很痛苦。My already annoying daily trip from northeast to southwest London – normally taking 40 minutes – now exceeds more than an hour and deprived me of the thing I liked about the long commute – a chance to sit down.If I can sit down,我通常会打开这个信任T40开始写东西(现在是即将出版的新闻书籍的一章,你可以在网站标准上看到DOMscripting task force site).If I cannot get a seat,我拿出一本平装本,开始阅读——大卫·塞达里,Douglas Coupland,William Gibson,Aldous Huxley amongst others.Now with the Harry Potter book being such a chunky affair,我不能那样做,as I would end up with one arm longer than the other and that is not a nice sight to behold.

今天在维多利亚线的一个未经宣布的停靠站里环顾四周,我想知道我旁边的那个人什么时候会发现除臭剂是什么——我确实面对他的腋窝——我看到一个人在他的袖珍电脑上读《哈利波特6》。“酷!”,我想了想,然后去看看我能不能买一本电子书。And lo and behold – Nada!

Googling for Harry Potter ebook gave me
贲布婵安我和哈利波特的一年而且严厉的警告JKRowling not to trust pirated ebooks.

所以,yes,那个拿着钱包的人有一本盗版书。I am sure that if I had looked closer,I'd have seen the peg leg,眼罩和鹦鹉,too.如果没有官方的电子书,也有盗版的,这就意味着,要么有人掌握了原始的数字格式——除非JK使用鹅毛笔和纸张——要么做了一件苦差的工作——扫描一本那么大的书,然后把它变成一本点燃,PDF or whatever.
An older article on slate about thepiracy of Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix得出相同的结论:

In fact,something equally dramatic has already occurred: A file containing The Order of the Phoenix,the most recent Harry Potter book,在这本书开始销售后的几个小时内在互联网上进行了巡查,its 870 pages apparently scanned in and distributed by rabid fans.If this doesn't signal that it's time for book publisher to perk up and pay attention,怎么办?

Well,apparently it doesn't,作为一篇关于CTV关于J.K.Rowling refusing e-books for Harry Potter“显示一些出版商为儿童/年轻人尝试电子书,但没有成功:

成人畅销书,如丹·布朗的《达芬奇密码》和大卫·麦卡洛的《1776》,都是电子版的。但罗琳和许多其他受欢迎的儿童作家写的书却没有,包括莱蒙·斯尼克和科妮莉亚·芬克。“我们并没有尝试过这个市场,”杰森·坎贝尔说,marketing director for Harper Media,a division of HarperCollins that oversees e-book distribution."We've done R.L.Stine and (Meg Cabot's) The Princess Diaries and it didn't work.《公主日记》是我们在电子书中最成功的青少年系列。但与迈克尔·克莱顿的电子书销售相比,这显得相形见绌。”

What they fail to mention here is that "The Princess Diaries" are not in the same league as Harry Potter is.波特书是一种罕见的现象,观众跨越了各个年龄段,and therefore could be an opportunity as a lot of adult commuters would benefit from an ebook version.

How about a bundle?Buy the book on amazon,and add the ebook for an extra fiver.使电子书数字签名给买方,因此,如果他给其他人,它是可追踪的。从数字原版制作电子书的成本不能高到无法选择的地步,毕竟,《哈利波特》是一款销量不算太差的产品。

Why can't I just have the stuff I pay money for in a format I want?为什么我要买一本精装书,等半年的平装书呢?or see a movie in the states as aDVDand have to wait another half year to see it coming to the cinema in the UK?无需翻译或配音,所以我能想到的就是有人想赚更多的钱。When I can't be bothered then to buy theDVD在英国,又过了一年,销售下降,盗版受到指责。也许海盗们只是在技术上更为迅速,我们可以用他们自己的武器来击败他们,从而夺走他们的优势?