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喜欢扩展浏览器吗?Mozilla Jetpack正在寻找一位福音传道者。

星期五,February 25th,2011




As Tech Evangelist for the Jetpack project,您的工作是通过向全世界介绍我们令人敬畏的技术,引导您努力构建一个由附加组件和API组成的丰富生态系统;指导与附加组件和美国石油学会开发人员;以及将开发人员的反馈引导到项目规划过程中。




  • 发展,distribute,进行录像,blog posts,演示文稿,鸣叫,教程,示例加载项,and other informational and educational materials about project tools and technologies
  • lead Mozilla's Add-on Ambassadors program and mentor project participants in technology evangelism principles and practices
  • assist the product manager in determining developer needs and setting project goals and priorities


  • at least five years experience in the software industry as a tech evangelist,社区经理,product/project/program manager,技术领先,software engineer,或在其他相关位置
  • exceptional written and verbal communications skills,包括与附加开发人员通信的能力,美国石油学会developers,journalists,业务类型,以及其他各行各业的人,在他们自己的技术知识和理解水平上
  • 一种强烈的附加功能和美国石油学会发展很好


  • 计算机科学或相关专业学士学位
  • 体验布道,managing,designing,or developing software products for developers,尤其是软件开发工具包和美国石油学会图书馆
  • 经验管理,designing,或开发现代网站和应用程序
  • 在开源项目中工作的经验
  • experience working for non-profits or other kinds of mission-driven organizations

Is this you?发送简历Myk Melez.




The article is licensed with Creative Commons,so feel free to use it in your own products.And if you want me to deliver it as a talk at your conference,why not drop me a line on推特?:)

This also taught me not to bother at all with conferences any longer who ask you for a full paper as a submission,especially when they are academic conferences.The reviews I got for this were quite harsh and missed the point that I was trying to make that we are treading new ground here and there is no way to build on earlier successes or quote case studies.



Vid.ly Bookmarklet – download different formats

Saturday,February 19th,2011

如果你最近在HTML5video you'd know that I am abig fan of the video conversion service 维迪利.此服务自动将您的视频转换为几十种不同的格式,并在您调用单个视频时将浏览器和移动设备重定向为正确的格式。URL.

作为一个偏执的开发者,我还想有一种方法来下载经过浏览器优化的视频版本,so I wrote a bookmarklet to allow you to do that.

Simply drag the following link to your browser toolbar:Vid.ly download


Vid-ly download links


星期五,February 18th,2011

Heart and sole

我刚回来心与鞋底in Portsmouth where I was asked to give an inspiring talk aboutHTML5.I thought it is high time to make an audience like the one at Heart and Sole (students and small business owners) aware thatHTML5不仅是大公司和“网络开发摇滚明星”的玩物,而且每个人都可以成为事业的一部分,我们真的需要人们的投入和现实生活的实施来实现新的开放技术革命。反馈非常积极。这是带链接的幻灯片和笔记。会议是拍下来的,所以请睁大眼睛记录谈话内容。

The Video


幻灯片are available on Slideshare


Open tech rocks



There are a lot of great showcase sites that feature all the beautiful things we can do:HTML5岩石谷歌苹果公司HTML5玻璃陈列柜and there was even anadvent calendar with dailyHTML5好吃的东西throughout December.

制作HTML5impact our work

This is all great,但我真的认为是时候HTML5out of the labs and into our day to day jobs.我们现在应该开始HTML5part of our deliveries and get clients excited about the new opportunities there are.Instead of celebratingHTML5rockstars we should celebrate the opportunity to make our work more predictable,open to everybody and easy to use.

Help promoteHTML5





You should not have to use some technology you cut and paste and have no clue what it really does.“它起作用了,just use it" is not a sustainable environment.

When things go bad,你应该能够追踪原因并解决它。现在,我感觉到很多Web开发都在构建一个随机的构建块来构建一个界面,这个界面看起来像是我们已经交付给我们的设计。That is the wrong way around.如果我们从模块中构建,我们就会理解接口会随着我们的需求和喜好而变化。如果我们从一个固定的想法开始,任何改变都意味着我们需要替换一切。我们用得不够。


Clients still don't care much about our code and markup but we should.当我采访别人时,我会看看他们寄给我的东西的来源。标记和CSSand JS code you leave behind is the message you give to the next developer.如果它是不可读的或难以维持,你会被认为是不关心。It is like a blog post with a very important message that gets lost because of abysmal grammar.


我一直在complaining about the quality of the underlying markup ofHTML5demos以前,我认为很讽刺的是,我们说视图源是未来,但显示错误代码时,你,好,view source.

In the past we wrote browser specific code and omitted elements as the browser fixed it for us.Just because browsers are forgiving it shouldn't mean it is OK to rely on them to do fix things.No other programming language allows you to write code like that.如果我们想被认真对待,we should take pride in our work.没有一个浏览器能统治至高无上,so if you rely on one for your product to work you add to the problem of people not upgrading their browsers.This is not innovation.


我们应该担心一些事情。As with every change,我们将不得不面对许多反对它的人。

Adversity to change



The fact is thatHTML5开放技术也不能解决所有的问题。HTML5不需要替换flash或silverlight,而是提供一种替代方案。


几天前,土坯的谢尔盖·杰斯贝尔斯发表了一篇关于HTML5that there is no数字版权管理解决方案.The article had a good point,但是标题“窃取内容从来没有比使用HTML5“非常具有误导性。我有抱怨这个betway体育官方网as it just heated the debate unnecessarily.事实上,目前在HTML5.如果你想要一个人们无法下载的受保护流,然后你需要使用flash或silverlight。The real question though is that if you want to protect something,为什么一开始就让它开放?

New attack vectors

WithHTML5美国石油学会allowing for deep access into the browser and the system it runs on we will also have恶意代码的新攻击向量to deal with.


The great thing about anyHTML5像上面这些问题一样,尽管技术是开放的,所有的事情都可以分析和解决——如果我们能把它作为优先事项的话。A closed system is a pain to patch and upgrade.开放系统更容易修复,而且随着攻击研究的开展,我们有机会在问题在浏览器中实现之前对其进行修补。通过默默无闻获得安全从来不是一个聪明的主意。If you commit a crime and plead in court that you didn't know that what you did was illegal you won't get away with it either.




首先,这不是秘密俱乐部,请你参加。这个沃特沃Mailing Listis where things happen and all you need to do is sign up.

Free and open documentation

How about 必威体育下载learningHTML5?你不需要花哨的培训或买书(但有一些很棒的)。HTML5医生是一个伟大的独立博客,谈论一切HTML5.马克·皮尔格的书潜入HTML5在网上免费提供,如果你想结识很多HTML5,just pop by on theIRCchannel #html5 on freenet.

Tools to make your life easier

One of the main stumbling blocks for people to use for exampleHTML5video instead of Flash is that you need to create the video in different formats.There are some services though that make it easy for you.我列出了很多in my notes of myHTML5多媒体通话MIT但这里有两项伟大的服务。

Archive.org for video hosting

归档文件不仅在您发布视频时为您存储视频知识共享but also automatically creates anMP4奥格你电影里的视频。

Vid.ly for online conversion and dynamic redirection

A very new service by Encoding.com isVid.lywhich creates not only all the formats needed for different browsers for you,但也适用于不同的移动设备和HTTPstreaming optimised versions for iOS devices.Furthermore,它创造了一个简单的URLthat redirects automatically to the right format.You can try it out yourself with the invite code2011年.


If you want to safely use all the newHTML5features,there isModernizr为你,一个脚本,用于测试浏览器支持的内容,并将类广告到HTMLelement that you can use in yourCSSselectors and in your JavaScripts.

Polyfills to support legacy browsers


Large web sites using new features

If you want to convince people that this is not only a toy for geeks,指出一些已经在使用的大型网站HTML5提供高保真内容Nike's better world奥普拉的网站(使用HTML5翻车视频)or the latestApple重新设计。

Help us and join the ride

We need you to make this work – you have the tools,your input is valuable and please drop by and say hello.Also,退房Mozilla开发者网络as we'll be releasing some cool things you can be part of very soon!


Tuesday,February 15th,2011

Today I was part of a video conference with the university of Dundee for this year's Yahoo university hack challenge.Every year the students release a "hack" as part of their coursework for Yahoo and the programme yielded quite some amazing hacks in the last years.

今年对我来说是不同的,因为我不再为雅虎工作了。所以不要告诉学生YQLYUI雅虎的地理平台I talked about Mozilla,我们的任务给了他们一些想法,为了HTML5以及开放的网络。这个幻灯片可在Slideshare上使用或嵌入在此处:

我对学生们的主要任务是像现在这样思考网络。The web is the platform and the browser is the tool.关于不同技术的文档是免费提供的,在Mozilla的情况下,每个人都可以编辑文档,以确保它是最新的。

HTML5is a big new thing and a lot of people go crazy about it.问题是,很多技术都是为了进步而进步的,并且对于新技术在可访问性或向后兼容性方面的含义没有太多的了解。As Dundee university is one of the few in the UK that have an accessibility focus I thought this a great opportunity to ask the students to consider some a11y hack with new technologies.

I talked about native audio and video in browsers and the benefits it has over closed source solutions (pointing to thelecture I've given atMIT论网络多媒体的主题

我也告诉学生们我采访了约翰·福利特关于HTML5accessibilityas this contained a few ideas they could hack on that need solutions.

我谈到了Popcorn.js使视频与其他网页内容和黄油它的接口可以模拟flash builder或shockwave,但用于开放技术。

我简单地提到了Universal Subtitlestool that allows you to add subtitles with translations to any video on the web.

Another demo to inspire the students was Mark Boas'音频和文本同步示例它显示了如何将语音文本与音频文件同步以供以后重播。

这导致了Mozilla's Audio美国石油学会这使您可以深入访问音频文件,直到每分钟的节拍。

Next I introducedMozilla游戏区最后一场比赛的胜利者Marble Run,解释说HTML5游戏现在很热门(尤其是Facebook的支持) and that there is quite some prize money and good prizes to be won.

Next up I talked about Mozilla's Labs and the tools to play with there –彩虹,a JavaScript extension to access the camera and microphone of computers as input devices,Chromeless,一个无用户界面的浏览器,允许您构建定制的浏览解决方案和勘探者,一种数据挖掘用户浏览行为的方法。

我结束了对Mozilla技术的介绍the extension builder for Firefoxwhich makes it easy to make the browser do what it doesn't do yet.